Summer Reading Challenge 2022

Summer Reading Challenge: The Book of Acts

On June 5, 2022, we will begin our summer reading challenge. This challenge, open to everyone, will take us through the book of Acts, ending on August 28.  

Each week, consider the following as it applies to the reading. There are also additional questions specific to each week's reading.

  • What is happening in this week’s reading?
  • How is the Spirit moving in the events?
  • What words (verse or verses) can I meditate upon from this reading that are significant for my life today?
  • How do I see God at work in my life?
  • What is God asking of me?
  • Who could I be sharing with about all of this?

Click HERE to view Pastor Marquardt's intro video for more information. Each week he will have a different video - click the title to view it.

The Spirit Promised and Delivered     June 5     Acts 1:1-2:13

  • How is praying with a group for a common mission different from private prayer about individual concerns?
  • When have you experienced a time of empowering from God to witness about Jesus?

What Does This Mean?     June 12     Acts 2:14-47

  • To repent and believe: does this present a challenge to you?
  • What facts from Peter’s sermon would say are critical for a non-believer to hear?

Miracles and Boldness     June 19     Acts 3:1-5:11

  • What impresses you more: the boldness of the apostles’ way of speaking or the miraculous deeds they are doing here? Why?
  • When have you tried to “fool” God?  What happened?

Deacons Chosen / Stephen Speaks     June 26     Acts 5:12-7:53

  • Does Stephen’s review of Old Testament history encourage you?  Challenge you?  Confuse you?

Stephen Martyred / Philip's Adventure     July 3     Acts 7:54-8:40

  • Would you know the Bible well enough to answer the Ethiopian’s questions?
  • What could you do to improve in that area?

Amazing Apostles' Ministry     July 10     Acts 9:1-12:25

  • God had to redirect both Paul and Peter in pursuing God’s will.  When has that happened to you?
  • If you were arrested for being a Christian, what evidence could be presented against you?

First Missionary Journey     July 17     Acts 13:1-14:28

  • With what types of groups of people do you feel most comfortable talking about God?
  • If you were to emphasize one central truth about the Gospel, what would it be?  Why?

Jerusalem Council     July 24     Acts 15:1-35

  • In different churches in the community where you live, what are the ethnic, social and racial lines of division?
  • Are there any subtle “additions to the Gospel” a new person might encounter where you worship?  What could you do to help them through those?

Second Missionary Journey     July 31     Acts 15:36-18:22

  • Think back to when you first believed, or maybe a time when faith became even more solid in your life.  Who was God using to help that process for you?
  • Where do you have an opportunity for ministry at home, work, or some other place in your life?

 Third Missionary Journey     August 7     Acts 18:23-21:16

  • In the race of doing God’s will, are you in the front of the pack, one of the stragglers, or an onlooker?
  • How do people try to use Jesus for their own purposes today?  How is that different from real faith in Him?

Paul in Jerusalem     August 14     Acts 21:17-23:35

  • Here Paul told his own story instead of preaching a sermon to a crowd.  When do you find your own story most effective  and helpful to others?
  • How has the Lord encouraged you during hard times?

Trials of Paul     August 21     24:1-26:32

  • When you have questions about your faith, to whom do you turn?
  • What difference does it make to you that Jesus truly rose from the dead?  What would be different for you if that were not the case?

Journey to Rome     August 28     27:1-28:31

  • How has God used a disaster in your life for ministry? What did you learn from this time?
  • How does the last verse of the Book of Acts set the stage for the way your life could become a continuation of Acts 28?  What would your “Acts 29” look like?