Our Red Letter Challenge will occupy our Lenten season at Grace.  The challenge is for everyone, young and old.  In sermons, discussion groups and individually, we are adding this to our Lenten devotion and worship plan.

Do you have to read through the entire Bible in order to know what Jesus is saying?  While reading the entire Bible is admirable, it’s not a requirement for starting or continuing your following of Jesus.  The Red Letter Challenge is for you, now, whether you have been firm in your faith for decades, you’ve just come to faith in Jesus, or you’re wrestling with this whole God thing for the first time.

The Challenge is broken into five main principles of discipleship: being, forgiving, serving, giving, and going. Join us each week as together we spend the next 40 days reading, reflecting, and collaborating on what Jesus says and how he leads us daily.

Click the calendar image below to download a pdf of the RLC calendar.

We invite you to join us in one of the available RLC studies. Interested in hosting a study group? Contact Pastor Marquardt.