Grace Lutheran School Staff


Rev. Ed Huber
Principal, ext. 103

Jenny Armstrong
Admissions Director, ext. 200

Minnie Fullerton
Admin. Assistant, ext. 202


Melissa Linsky
Early Childhood Education and
Extended Care Coordinator, ext. 126

Kari Navarra
Pre-K2 Teacher

Nicole Rogers
Pre-K2 Aide

Bea Rodgers
Pre-K3 Teacher

Maegan Lash
Pre-K3 Aide

Angelina Gerow
Pre-K4 (half day) Teacher

Michele Watt
Pre-K4 (half day) Aide

Terri Anderson
Pre-K4 (full day) Teacher

Ashley Martin-Gregory
Pre-K4 (full day) Aide

Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Susan Gastler
Kindergarten Teacher
Elementary Lead Teacher

Lorraine Back
Kindergarten Aide

Ruth Blackwell
1st Grade Teacher

Kristal Payne
2nd Grade Teacher

Jennifer Moseley
3rd Grade Teacher

Susan Kennedy
4th Grade Teacher

Mary Farber
5th Grade Teacher

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Jill Thompson
6th Grade Homeroom

David Henson
7th Grade Homeroom

Paula Jones
8th Grade Homeroom
Middle School Lead Teacher

Amanda Bell, DCE

Resource and Specials

Michelle Myers
Resource Teacher
Specials Lead Teacher

Alicia Cordelle
Middle School Music

Dylan Gausman
Elementary Art

Bea Rodgers
Spanish Teacher

Extended Care Staff

Mary Byrd

Heather Daniels

Jasmine Jones


Emily Grace

Cherie Weimert-Kidwell

Kari Navarra

Julie Peterson

Nicole Rogers

Emilee Willey